Rising Earth Building is a construction company focused on quality and sustainability. We love to incorporate healthy, low carbon footprint (natural) materials whenever we can. We believe that the built environment should not only be beautiful and durable, but can be inspirational.

Michael was raised in a home his father crafted from the remains of an old stone and timber farmhouse in Cato, NY. Growing up in a handmade house among the forests, fields, and abundant water of New York’s finger lakes left a deep appreciation for the natural world, and a belief that humanity is capable of living in harmony with the rest of the Earth.

Michael studied chemistry, anthropology, and music at SUNY Cortland, and after graduation spent a year building houses with volunteers at Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. He loved building but was compelled to find a greener approach. He started that journey with an apprenticeship at the Cob Cottage Company’s school of natural building in coastal Oregon in 2008. Continuing to work with various professional natural builders, he began to instruct natural building workshops in 2009. Michael has been working as a contractor and ecological designer ever since. Michael is currently based in Troy, NY, and travels to teach workshops as well as for particularly interesting work opportunities.

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